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Pipe Repair

Pipe Repair | GN Excavating - Wyoming, MN

GN Excavating has been the go-to pipe repair company in the Wyoming, MN area for forty years, and in that time we have earned a reputation for providing quality service at the lowest possible prices.

Sewer pipes are an essential part of your home’s septic system, and when functioning correctly they provide an avenue for water to be pumped easily and freely. A broken or otherwise malfunctioning pipe can cause serious problems and endanger not only your health, but also the integrity of your septic system.

Pipes can become clogged or break for many reasons, including:

• Excessive grease or oil buildup
• Tree and plant roots invading and clogging them
• Poor or improper installation
• Improper placement of the septic system, such as under a heavy structure or in uneven ground
• Extreme changes in temperature, particularly if it gets very cold and your pipes are not correctly insulated

Clogged pipes are relatively easy to fix, though they must be taken care of as quickly as possible because of the dangers they pose to your residence or commercial site, and the surrounding area.

If you notice that your water is draining slower than normal, or not draining at all, then chances are you have a clog. GN Excavating has a few methods we follow to diagnose and clear clogged pipes. First we snake the line in an attempt to find and clear any debris that is preventing your water from draining.

Generally, this is all it takes to clear a clogged pipe, but if the problem persists, more drastic measures are needed. These include digging up the pipe for inspection and repair. This aspect of pipe repair can be expensive and time consuming, but it is sometimes necessary.

In addition to unclogging, our pipe repair services include segment replacement, and hole patching. If your pipe is broken, we can fix it, no matter the problem.If you need septic pipe repair or unclogging services, get in touch with GN Excavation and we will get your pipes working again in no time.