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Pump Repair

Pump Repair | GN Excavating - Wyoming, MN

A broken or malfunctioning septic pump can create a multitude of problems for your business or residence, which is why GN Excavating is here to take care of all of your pump repair needs. We have served the Wyoming, MN area with excellent and reliable service for forty years, making us one of the most trusted names in septic pump systems in the region.

We repair a variety of septic system pumps, including:

• Septic pumps
• Sewage effluent pumps
• Sewage grinders
• Sump pumps

Our wide range of repair services ensures that no matter which type of pump you have, we can fix it.

For every repair job, we start with an inspection of your pump. This is to assess the reason why your pump’s performance has deteriorated, as well as to provide us with a clearer idea of how to fix it.

Pump repair can be as simple as replacing a fuse, or as complicated as removing the motor.But when you come to GN Excavating for septic system pump repair, you can rest assured that we will do the work you need to get your pump working again.

In addition to pump repair GN Excavating also offers pump replacement for those septic pumps that are beyond repair. However, we strive for pump repair because replacing your sewage pump can be costly, time consuming, and inconvenient for you.

Once we have finished repairing or replacing your pump, one of GN Excavating’s expert pump technicians will provide you with pump maintenance tips and techniques to help ensure the longevity of your newly repaired or replaced septic pump. A properly maintained pump will last for years, reducing your need for pump repair services.

For the most trusted name in pump repair in the Wyoming, MN area, do not hesitate to call GN Excavating to schedule an assessment appointment; we are here to help.